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Recovery Day

Most people get two days off each week. If I’m lucky, I’ll get about a half a day (on average) each week. I’m not a workaholic. Rather being an in-demand photographer who owns his own studio is a seven day a week job. This past week was particularly tough with a wedding on Saturday and a bridal show Sunday with a completely new booth full of new prints and new everything, which meant a long, busy week getting it ready.

In short, I needed a day off. So, I spent the day hanging around the house playing with the kids when I could muster the energy. A three year old and five year old have no lack of energy, it seems. So, if you’ll indulge, here are a couple quick shots around the house. (Yes, I took a day off from photography by taking photos. I have a problem.)

The kiddos recently got scooters which they love. My daughter, in particular, was hamming it up.


My son is three. He’s going through that contrary phase at the moment – lots of pouting and grumpiness for no real reason. It’s really not fun, but I was struck by the irony as I took a photo of him with his scooter. Here he is, outside on a nice evening, his new favorite toy in hand, and he just has to be grumpy about it. I had Mommy sneak in and tickle him, then jump out of the way to try and get at least one nice photo.


Not being a posey photographer most of the photos of the kids are far more natural.


Jumping in puddles, always a favorite activity. This goes a bit beyond the random snapshot, though. It wasn’t set up, but it wasn’t random either. I saw the potential and moved into position in the hopes that something would unfold. The symmetry of the composition lets it almost fade out of notice so that all we really see is my son jumping and the cat keeping a wary eye on him. It works in color because there’s almost none in the image. The green shirt immediately draws the eye right to the center of the action.


So, there we have it. A little break from wedding photos. Self indulgent, maybe. But since I do family documentary photography as well, it’s not too different from a “day at the office.”


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