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Sunset In A Flash


One of my very favorite places to photograph a wedding is at Hermann Hill. It’s a beautiful venue and an amazing staff – and I won’t say that about just anyplace! Anyway, the venue sits high on a bluff overlooking the Missouri River affording a beautiful view of the sunset.

Courtney and Darrin stole away during Friday’s reception for a few photos as the sun fell low in the sky. Obviously we want to capture the dynamic light but let’s think about what we’re working with for a second.

• The light is behind them which would render our happy couple as nothing but a silhouette (which can be absolutely beautiful, but not what we want for this photo).

• If I plop a flash directly on the camera and blast away I’d light our couple from the direct front which would make them look like a flat cardboard cutout placed in front of a sunset backdrop. Not good.

The solution… Let’s pull that flash off the camera yet again. (Sensing a theme this week?) I added an orange gel to turn our blue light into something more closely resembling the setting sun. Carol held the light all the way to the side creating strong, intense shadows. By shining the light from the general direction of the sun, we were able to mimic that twilight ambiance in a relatively convincing way.

And there we have it… Sunset in a flash!


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