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Playing Catch-up

September and October are always busy, but I’ve been positively slammed this last few weeks. On the one hand… Hooray! I love what I do and I love being in demand. On the other hand… I desperately need to catch my breath. Things like writing blog posts don’t happen in as timely a manner as I prefer. I feel I’ve been neglecting my wonderful readers.

To give an example of the pace, just the other weekend was quite the record for me. I photographed two complete weddings within a 24 hour period! I’ve done plenty of two and three wedding weekends before, but never two weddings within such a tight time frame. (By the way, that’s a late Saturday wedding followed by an early, early Sunday wedding.)

As a rough rule of thumb, for every hour I spend actually shooting I spend three hours selecting and enhancing and at least as many with other administrative duties (responding to phone calls, emails, writing blogs, etc. etc. etc.). The thing is, the last few weeks I’ve been actually shooting almost non stop, every day. Again: hooray! I’m having a lot of fun. But sadly it means all that other stuff is backing up on me.

So as is quite typical this time of year I find myself playing catch-up, slave to my mounting “in-bin” of enhancement, emails, and albums.


Oh yeah, and here’s a random photo of my son Xavi when he realized his posterior was stuck in the bucket. I think it expresses how I feel when I really tally up what’s waiting for me in the next couple weeks.


(For the record: No, I did not leave him screaming with his butt stuck in a bucket. Mommy was already on the way to help and Daddy already had a camera in hand.)



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