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Ghost Bride


It is Halloween, after all. I recently photographed a wedding at the Lemp Mansion, a beautiful be exceptionally dark venue. It’s also haunted if you’re inclined to believe in ghosts*. I’ve photographed a number of couples at the mansion and have yet to see any unexplained apparitions, but I had close call if you count this long exposure as our bride, Allison headed down the stairs.

I was actually trying to capture a more subtle feeling of movement, but these sorts of photos are hard to predict before the shutter is tripped. Still, I rather liked the result. It’s not often that I’m surprised by a photo as I keep pretty tight control over what my camera does and doesn’t do. What strikes me more than anything is the contrast between bright white and exceptionally dark background. The fact that this is in a reportedly haunted venue really brings it into context rather than simply being a “trick” shot.

A ghostly image for this ghostly day.


*I don’t particularly believe in ghosts myself, but I’m open minded enough to recognize there are a lot of things that happen in our world that current science fails to fully explain.  


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