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2013 Top Candid Wedding Moments

Yesterday we took a look at the past year’s top wedding portraits – staged or posed. But today we get to the real fun, some of my favorite candids. Since this is the vast majority of my wedding coverage we really get to the meat of my storytelling style.

As always, my priority is finding those special little moments full of emotion or great expressions. This is the stuff of real memories, not staged shots.

To be fair, isolated images like these don’t hold the same power as when viewed in sequence. The wedding story is built up through a body of images, one playing upon another. My style is very much to capture a series of little stories – a moment together, that first look, a special time with Mom and Dad – through several photos each. All of these little sequences then build to create a complete wedding story full of emotion and real memories.

Nonetheless, these are some that I feel stand well on their own and capture a moment, an emotion, and ultimately a memory.

Have a happy new year and may 2014 be your best year.


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