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Caryn and Jon’s St. Francis Xavier Wedding


Wow! Caryn and Jon’s wedding was a fantastic start to the new year! They are absolutely wonderful people and I love them dearly. Despite the bitter cold days before and record breaking cold in the days following, they were blessed with a truly beautiful, relatively mild wedding day itself.

I always love photographing at St. Francis Xavier Church. It’s stunningly beautiful, I know the church’s rules regarding photography, and I’m intimately familiar with Catholic ceremonies. From there we made a quick stop at the arch (by the way, be aware that the riverfront road is closed). Finally we ended the night at Ces & Judy’s in Frontenec. I can’t praise Ces & Judy’s enough, they really took good care of everyone.

Most importantly, from a photography perspective, Caryn and Jon trusted me to do what I do best: tell the story unobtrusively and get some stunning portraits. They didn’t throw a shot list at me or try to turn me into a yearbook photographer. Lists are a recipe for bland, formulaic photography. I do my very best work when I have the freedom and flexibility to capture the essence of the day as it unfolds naturally, then when the time comes to do portraits we can be much more creative and have more fun. (Yes, there were a couple staged images that Caryn and Jon wanted, and I was more than happy to do them.)

Typically I spend about one hour to create some very special portraits and the rest of the day I try to stay completely invisible.

Here are just a couple favorites from the big day.


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