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The One-Two Punch: Wedding Photography Sequences

Story is about sequences. Action and reaction. While it is sometimes possible to capture that in a single image, most of the time it requires two, three, or even more photos to capture the sequence of events. These sequences are like little stories in themselves. Dad’s first look at his little girl in her wedding dress. A few minutes alone with the groom. An animated conversation at a table during the reception. All these little stories build on one another to capture the overall essence of the wedding day as a whole.

Unlike most photographers who capture a single image and move on, I capture these little stories through the use of several images. Sometimes as few as two, but I’ll capture as many as it takes.

Here’s a prime example in Dad’s first peek at our lovely bride Caryn. Dad’s heartfelt smile, and the bride’s reaction. Two photos: action/reaction. A one-two punch that tells more than either does by itself.  Caryn_Jon_Pre_11



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