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Favorite Wedding Photos – Watching The Time

I find it fascinating to hear what photos stand out to couples after the wedding day. Sometimes the photos that mean the most to them have meanings that I didn’t even realize as I took the photo.

Erin checks his watch in the tense moments before the ceremony.

Last weekend I ran into Kim and Erin. I’d photographed their wedding about a year ago, so it was great catching up again. As we talked about memories from the wedding, Kim told me about her favorite photo from the day; the one above of Erin checking his watch just before the ceremony began.

Now, to me, this is a nice little detail image that shows the anticipation and tenseness of the moment. Not posed, just observed. But to Kim, it told a deeper story of both Erin’s personality (he’s always early) and her own (she’s always late). This one quick image where no one’s face is even visible tells a story.

That’s what it’s all about.


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