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Weddings and Baseball

Cardinals Stadium wedding

I’ve done a number of baseball images at weddings. Sometimes because the couple are big fans (St. Louis is quite the baseball town and we’re proud of our Cardinals) and sometimes simply because the opportunity presented itself.

Saturday I was fortunate to photograph Caite and Zack at their wedding. We were passing close to Busch Stadium as the sun was setting and had to jump out to take advantage of the beautiful light. I’ve been to the third base gate many, many times, but Saturday evening all the elements came together just perfectly. There was just enough light left in the sky, there wasn’t a lot of traffic, and the streets were a bit wet from melted snow which really bounced the color around.

This is completely natural light taken with a super fast aperture which threw the background just perfectly out of focus to isolate our young couple.

–PUN ALERT– This may have been taken at the third base gate, but I think we really scored a home run with this one! –Buh-duh-bum–


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