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Dad’s Best Wedding Toast


I’ve seen a LOT of wedding toasts. Some are short, some are tediously long, and some are practically incomprehensible when alcohol plays too large a part. Caite’s father, however, offered one of the best dad’s toasts I’ve ever seen. Let’s just say it was a huge hit!

This is a complete story in a single image. Dad’s clearly the main character here and we see the primary action going on in the accordion serenade. Moreover, we see our couple as well, the primary motivation of said action. Dad’s serious expression offers us a touch of drama.

By shooting wide open I not only captured the image in natural light (thus avoiding the distraction of flash) but also threw the couple just out of focus enough to clearly isolate our main character yet still make out their expressions as they react. The purple light on the right side is the result of the band’s stage lights, but I actually like the depth of color it adds to the overall image.


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