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The Line-Up vs. A Casual Approach

Line-ups are boring. There, I said it.

Admittedly the traditional “wedding formal” isn’t overly artistic – those come later during the creative run-around session. Traditionally “formals” are just record shots of who was there, like a yearbook photo of the drama club. But they don’t need to be. With just a little time and creativity it’s possible to make something more interesting out of posed formals.

Here we see Stephanie and Austin’s wedding at the Conservatory in St. Charles. After the ceremony we spent a few minutes in the garden (in admittedly rather harsh light). The first was the standard line-up. It does the job, little more.


The next, however, we moved all of twenty feet under the archway and spent about one minute getting into place, resulting in a far more interesting photo. The light is better too.


The moral of the story: don’t get caught up in the traditional idea of what formals (or wedding photography in general) must be. It doesn’t take a lot of extra thought and creativity to make something special, it just requires the willingness to turn off auto-pilot and think about the images that we want to create. It’s just too bad that so many wedding photographers and couples seem to be unwilling or unable to make that mental leap.


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