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A Little Reception Fun

The reception was winding down and not much dancing was going on. I had a few minutes before heading out that let me be a little creative so I used these crazy light fixtures at Heart Of St Charles. By themselves they look a little like jellyfish tentacles hanging down. My accompanying photographer, Carol, thought they looked a bit like Star Trek transporters. In either case, they’re just unusual enough to make me want to use them in a photo.

I asked Clara to just stand under one of the fixtures and raise her hands in pure bliss, just be excited. It wasn’t hard since she was having a good time at the reception anyway, so it gave her an outlet to express her current state of mind. I used the fish-eye and got in really close.

Now, bear in mind, this is still just a snapshot, albeit a more creative one. The background’s a bit of a mess. But it doesn’t really matter. She’s in the moment, and that’s all that counts.

Patrick_Pope_Photography-NIKON D800E-6242


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