Wedding Photography

Favorite Photos of 2014

2014 was a fantastic year for wedding photography. I captured a lot of weddings, recorded a lot of memories, and come away with a LOT of finished photos. Selecting just a few finished photos from the whole year is not an easy task, but here are a few of my personal favorites:

Kicking the year off right just four days into 2014. We did a few photos at the arch grounds on a cold evening, but it was this photo on the way back to the bus that really resonates with me. It was such a spur of the moment thing, too.Patrick_Pope_Photography_2014_01

Another winter wedding downtown. We hopped out of the bus and took advantage of the perfect evening light. Sometimes it just takes a couple minutes to make something special.Patrick_Pope_Photography_2014_02

This is typical of how I prefer to work. After discovering a beautiful location I told the couple to just have a couple romantic minutes on the bench. No intense direction or posing, no trying to force some Pinterest shot or work off a list. Despite looking isolated, we were surrounded by at least three other wedding parties and I had to be very careful about how I framed the shot.Patrick_Pope_Photography_2014_03

This is one of my favorite toasts of all time. Notice how the scene looks very natural? No flash to ruin the ambiance of the colorful up-lighting or leave a dark background. I’m very careful about making sure the light looks natural.Patrick_Pope_Photography_2014_04

I love the city feel of this image. This also shows how I like to set up groups in a staggered, casual arrangement.Patrick_Pope_Photography_2014_05

Just a great moment. We see our lovely bride as the calm among the storm of activity as everyone gets ready.Patrick_Pope_Photography_2014_06

In contrast, the guys are often ready quickly and enjoy just hanging out for a while. Again, casual and candid.Patrick_Pope_Photography_2014_07

St. Francis Xavier is one of the most beautiful churches in the area.Patrick_Pope_Photography_2014_08

Another shot downtown at night. More and more I’m avoiding the “look at the camera” mentality, even in a clearly posed image. I pulled the flash off the camera and set it up to photo-left to add a bit of direction and depth. Had I left it on the camera this would be a very flat and lifeless image.Patrick_Pope_Photography_2014_09

Black and white isn’t just for candids. Done right, it can make for a dynamic and timeless portrait.Patrick_Pope_Photography_2014_10

We were at a golf course, getting ready to head back to the clubhouse, but I wanted to get just one more group shot. Something different, though. I had the party climb the hill, told them to arrange themselves however they felt comfortable, and then put the bride and groom in the front. Very relaxed.Patrick_Pope_Photography_2014_11

Infrared photo in St. Charles at the riverfront. We specifically headed for this tree for this IR photo. Romantic but also artsy and different.Patrick_Pope_Photography_2014_12


This is the smartest thing I saw anyone do all year! After hair and makeup, Taka ushered everyone out of the room (nicely) and took a few minutes for herself with a glass of wine. Sometimes just a few minutes to just completely relax and collect your thoughts can be a lifesaver. Photographically there was beautiful light coming through the windows giving the perfect feel to this great moment.Patrick_Pope_Photography_2014_16

Patrick_Pope_Photography_2014_17 Patrick_Pope_Photography_2014_19 Patrick_Pope_Photography_2014_18

This is an example of where having an assistant can make the day flow better. I was working with the bride and groom a hundred yards away while Carol ushered the wedding party to the “ruins” at Tower Grove Park and got them set up. By the time they were in place, I had arrived with the couple and we just stepped in place. Meanwhile I handed the flash to Carol who had now become my lighting manager. We were set up and got the shot in just a couple minutes. Had I had to do it all on my own it would have taken three times as long.Patrick_Pope_Photography_2014_20

Just a crazy, fun shot a little later. I stood on one of the statue pedestals in order to get the right angle. The fish-eye lens gives just the right feel for this type of image.Patrick_Pope_Photography_2014_21


I love ending with a sunset. I did a number of them last year, some far more grandiose. However, this one stands out as a bit different. It’s more intimate feeling despite an entire city spreading out behind them.Patrick_Pope_Photography_2014_26

I’m excited to see what 2015 holds.


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