Wedding Photography

Natural Posing


I prefer a much more natural, casual look for portraits even when the photo is staged or posed. To “pose” this photo I basically asked the groom to lean against the tree, asked the bride to stand close, and told them to “have a nice moment together” and ignore me completely. I had an assistant with me that day who I told to hold the flash to the left of the camera and then let the magic happen between two people who were very much in love.

I cannot bring the emotion to the table, that’s up to the couple, but I try to create an environment where their natural emotions can shine and I like to think that I’m more attuned to capturing it than many (I’m a romantic at heart).

Working fast is another thing I do on a wedding day. Primarily because I feel it’s my duty to avoid getting in the way of the couple’s day (a wedding is NOT a photo shoot!).  Sometimes there are very technical reasons to work fast. As you can see, the sun is just about on the horizon. I had, at most, three minutes to stage, light, dial in the light, get the couple in the right mood, and finally shoot a number of exposures. Time is of the essence!


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