Patrick Pope Photography

Real Moments and Emotions

Most couples want more than just “candid” photos. Any photo that’s not posed can be called “candid” but it takes something special to create photos that tell a real story and capture genuine emotions. My passion is to capture the excitement, the big laughs, the nervous hand wringing, and those little glances full of personality.

What I capture are real memories of your amazing day.


Dynamic Portraits

When it’s time for those big, beautiful portraits that you’ll want to show off I take extra care to make them special. I keep it relaxed but I stay focused so that we can get a lot of photos in the limited time we have.

Although bold, dynamic photos are our goal, I want to keep them very natural looking. I don’t do a great deal of posing, instead letting you be yourself. I much prefer a photo where you look at each other instead of smiling for the camera.

While most photographers just shoot away and let the sky blow out to a bland white, I want to make sure that a blue sky looks blue. Those beautiful clouds show up. And that dynamic sunset light is preserved in your photos. The result are photos that are rich and deep, but never dark or muddy.

Good Value

I’m not the lowest priced photographer and never try to be, but I try to offer a lot for the price. It’s important that your photography fits the budget.

My number one priority is to give you a good story through top quality photos. Anyone can snap away all day, but to create photos of high quality requires special care, the kind of experience that can only come from shooting hundreds of weddings, and a lot of work after the wedding day.


Pay-After-The-Wedding Payment Program 

Unique to Patrick Pope Photography, you only pay half by the wedding date with up to six months to pay the remainder.

 Great Moments, Real Storytelling, and Amazing Details From Your Wedding Day