About Patrick

My photographic philosophy

I am a Moments and Emotions photographer. I don’t do much posing or setting up shots. My main emphasis is on capturing real emotion, the little expressions, the special interactions, and the laughs; things which can never be set-up or posed.

At the end of the day, what I create is more of a journal of the day than a set of “pretty pictures.”

Capturing story, emotion, and ultimately memories is more important than creating photos of perfect technical quality. While I work very hard to create beautiful photos of exceptional quality, story and emotion will always be the top priority.

I am not a fashion photographer who hijacks the day to create images he or she has in mind. Those photos could be of anybody! I want your photos to show who you are.

Unlike the posed, set-up fashion shoots posing as wedding photography your photos tell the STORY of your day through REAL MOMENTS, real interactions, real laughs and real tears. The vast majority of your photos are made unobtrusively, recording the emotions and moments that you experience as though no camera was even present.

Albums are a important part of telling the story. Your CD is like a “dictionary” with all the raw materials you need, but the album is the “novel” in which your story comes to life. I have nearly 20 years of professional graphic design experience that I put into the creation of every album.

What Patrick Does For You

Let’s face it, you can look at all the pretty photos of other people’s weddings all day long, but what’s important are YOUR wedding photos. What do you get for your investment with Patrick Pope Photography?

Exceptional storytelling. I shoot in sequences, not single photos. Rather than cover a scene with a single shot and then move on as other photographers would, I build each scene through several photos. It’s a very natural form of storytelling, yet no one else tells wedding stories this way. No one!

Take a closer look to see how sequences really bring your story to life!

Real memories. Poses in front of a pretty background do not capture emotion or spark memories. You don’t want to look at your photos years from now and think, “that’s how the photographer posed us.” Instead I capture real moments, real emotions, and real memories as they unfold naturally. You’ll look at your photos and remember how you felt. You’ll smile, or laugh, or cry all over again.

Fast, relaxed formals. Yes, I do capture a selection of posed formals, “official” photos of the day including family and friends, as well as the details that you’ve put so much thought and effort into. However, I keep formals fast and relaxed, without dragging them out for hours so you can get on with enjoying your day.

Great quality. I’m proud to say that I carefully select and enhance each and every image you receive. Far too many photographers simply shoot and throw the unedited images on a disk for you to deal with.

The premier Black and White Wedding Photographer in the area. I tell the story of your wedding day through a combination of bold black & white and rich color photography. Many couples have booked me specifically because they value high quality black and white photography and feel I offer the best around.

You know who you get. I don’t run a mega-studio with a dozen shooters. I personally meet with you, photograph your wedding and engagement, enhance your photos and create your album. You’re not looking at a portfolio full of beautiful photos only to find someone else – who may not be any good – ends up shooting your wedding.

Pay-After-The-Wedding payment program. Quality wedding photography is an investment. I make it easier on the budget. While most studios require full payment up-front, my convenient payment plan requires only 50% by the wedding day itself and then allows monthly payments thereafter to complete the balance.