Wedding Prices


Fall Special!

$1500 Sweet & Simple Package

The perfect fit for couples who want their wedding photos to primarily focus on emotional, candid storytelling with just a few simple posed shots.

Must book by November 30th, 2017 for your 2018 wedding date.


Your photography will be with you forever so be sure to budget for photography that can truly capture the story of the day.

Pay-After-The-Wedding Payment Plan

The unique Pay-After-The-Wedding program requires only 50% of the total by the wedding day itself with up to six months to pay the balance AFTER the wedding. It means you don’t have to compromise on quality in the name of budget.


All packages include enhanced digital images with print release and Patrick’s emotional storytelling for your big day. The Pay-after-the-wedding program is available for all packages, requiring only 50% by the wedding date.

Limited Time Special – Sweet & Simple: $1500

The Sweet & Simple Package is a good fit for couples who want their wedding photos to primarily focus on emotional, candid storytelling, not posed shots. While some family formals and some relaxed location portraits are part of the package, they are not the primary focus of the day’s coverage.

• Up to eight hours of continuous coverage with Patrick
• Primarily focused on emotional, candid storytelling
• Enhanced image files w/ print release
• Pay-After-The-Wedding program available (Pay only 50% by the wedding date!)

Must book by November 30th 2017 for your 2018 wedding date.


Signature: $2500

The Signature Package features dynamic, cinematic portraits as well as emotional, candid storytelling. Your on-location portraits are taken to the next level with more creative staging and lighting. An assistant/2nd photographer is included to help with lighting, organizing groups, and occasionally capturing additional angles.

• Up to eight hours of continuous coverage with Patrick
• Assistant/2nd photographer
• Great emotional, candid storytelling
• Dynamic, cinematic portraits
• Enhanced image files w/ print release
• Pay-After-The-Wedding program available (Pay only 50% by the wedding date!)

How does the Sweet & Simple Package differ from the Signature Package?

The $1500 Sweet & Simple Package focuses almost exclusively on emotional candid storytelling while the $2500 Signature Package also includes a strong emphasis on cinematic, dynamic location portraits. The $1500 Sweet & Simple Package includes some family formals and on-location portraits, but they are not nearly as extensive and don’t feature the same level of creative staging and lighting. Because of the streamlined shooting style there is no assistant.

Couples who want dynamic, cinematic portraiture in addition to the emotional candid storytelling are better served with the $2500 Signature Package which also includes an assistant/2nd photographer to help with lighting and organizing.


My Style

I’m a wedding day storyteller, not a traditional “portrait photographer.” I’m less about capturing that perfect posed image and more about capturing great moments, even when we’re out and about for the dynamic portraits part of the day. I don’t focus on “smile for the camera” poses. Instead I’d rather capture romantic, intimate interactions or quiet, contemplative moments.

I want everything to be real and genuine. Even staged portraits should look and feel natural, not “perfectly posed.”

My storytelling style is roughly 85% candid with a focus on emotions & expressions and 15% dynamic portraiture. That way you get REAL memories and moments while you enjoy your day, not play to the camera. Yet you still get plenty of beautiful, hang-on-the-wall portraits.

• During the dynamic portraits portion of the day, I focus primarily on intimate, romantic images of the two of you with a few group photos of the entire wedding party.

I shoot primarily natural light throughout the day in order to avoid being distracting. However, there are times during the day when I’ll pull out the flash – usually to use creatively rather than to merely add light. The exception is typically during the reception when it’s very dark and I need a little help to capture those great moments. Even then, I want it to look natural, never “flashed.”

Overall my photos have more density and a deeper, richer tonality than the over-bright, blown-out-sky look that you often see. Never dull or muddy. I like to see plenty of details but also plenty of contrast.

I am very passionate about black and white photography and actually put more post production work into monochrome photos than color. Typically the preparation part of the day is rendered in rich black and white, moving to full color as the ceremony or portraits are captured. Throughout the day I’ll include some black and white as the scene calls for it. Black and white is ideal for concentrating on story and emotions where color can sometimes be distracting. It cuts to the essence of the scene and conveys emotions in a way that’s unique and beautiful.

Yes, I do capture family formals and I keep them fast and relaxed. However, I limit the number of groups that I capture in order to keep the day moving. It’s better to capture six to ten of the most important groups in a short time than trying to photograph every possible combination of family and guests and taking up half the day in the process.